Alexia Nepola Net Worth 2023 | Biography


Hello readers! In this article, we will discuss the Net Worth of Alexia Nepola in 2023. She is an American television personality and entrepreneur.

In this article, apart from her net worth, we will also discuss Alexia’s early life, career, personal life, and much more. So read this article till the end.

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Alexia Nepola Net Worth 2023 | Biography 

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Alexia is best known for being one of the original cast members of the reality show The Real Housewives of Miami. She is also the executive editor of Venue Magazine, a lifestyle and fashion publication that covers the Hispanic market.

Moreover, she is also the owner of a public relations and marketing firm called Alexia & Co. In the further section of this article, we have discussed her career in detail.

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Alexia Nepola Early Life

She was born on May 3, 1967, in Cuba. Later, she moved with her family to Miami, where she attended South Miami High School.

After completing school, she earned a degree in business administration from Miami Dade College. She has always been passionate about fashion and media and started working as a model and actress at a young age. Moreover, She also worked as a sales manager for several fashion brands.

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Alexia Nepola Career


Alexia made her television debut in 2011 when she joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Miami. The show followed the lives of six affluent women in Miami as they balanced their personal and professional lives.

Alexia was known for being outspoken, glamorous, and loyal to her friends. She also showcased her family drama, especially with her two sons from her previous marriage.

Alexia appeared as a main cast member in the first season and as a recurring cast member in the second season. She returned as a main cast member in the third season, which aired in 2013.

However, after the third season, the show was canceled by Bravo due to low ratings. Alexia has not appeared on any other television shows since then.


Alexia is also a successful magazine editor and entrepreneur. She is the executive editor of Venue Magazine, which she co-founded with her ex-husband Herman Echevarria in 2005.

Venue Magazine is a bilingual publication that covers topics such as fashion, beauty, entertainment, culture, and lifestyle for the Hispanic market. The magazine features celebrities, socialites, and influencers from Miami and beyond.

Alexia is responsible for overseeing the editorial content and direction of the magazine. She also attends various events and interviews celebrities for the magazine.

She has featured stars such as Eva Longoria, Sofia Vergara, Pitbull, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, and more on the cover of Venue Magazine.


Alexia is also the owner of a public relations and marketing firm called Alexia & Co. The firm specializes in providing services to clients in the fashion, beauty, entertainment, and hospitality industries.

Alexia & Co. helps clients with branding, media relations, event planning, social media management, and more. Some of the clients that Alexia & Co. has worked with include Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and more.

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Alexia Nepola Personal Life

Alexia is married, and his husband’s name is Todd Nepola. Todd is a real estate developer. The couple got engaged in December 2019 and got married in 2021.

Before marrying Todd, Alexia had been married twice. Her first husband was Pedro Luis Rosello, a former politician who served as the governor of Puerto Rico from 1993 to 2001.

They got married in 1992 and had two sons together, Peter and Frankie. However, they divorced in 1996 after Rosello was accused of corruption and adultery.

Her second husband was Herman Echevarria, a businessman, and politician who served as the chairman and CEO of BVK/Meka, a marketing and communications firm.

They got married in 2004 and co-founded Venue Magazine together. They also adopted a son named Alex. However, they separated in 2015 and filed for divorce in 2016.

Herman Echevarria passed away in 2016 due to a heart attack. After Herman’s death, Alexia inherited his stake in Venue Magazine and became the sole owner of the publication. 

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Alexia Nepola Social Media

What is the Updated Net Worth of Alexia Nepola in 2023?

Alexia Nepola is an American television personality and entrepreneur. She has multiple sources of income, but her primary income comes from her magazine business, Venue Magazine.

Apart from this, she also earns some money from her public relations and marketing firm, Alexia & Co. Moreover, in the past, she has appeared in reality tv shows, and her earnings from that also contribute to her overall wealth.

The updated Net Worth of Alexia Nepola in 2023 is $4 Million. Moreover, Alexia Nepola’s annual income is around $600K.

Name Alexia Nepola
Profession Television Personality and Entrepreneur
Net Worth (2023) $4 Million
Source of Income Business Ventures and TV Shows
Annual Income $600K
Last Updated 2023

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