Amit Bhadana Net Worth 2021 | Biography

Hello Readers, in this article, we will discuss the Net Worth of Amit Bhadana in 2021. Amit is an Indian Youtuber, and he is famous for creating comedy videos.

Amit starts his career in comedy by creating dubbing videos that he uploaded on Facebook. After getting a good response, he makes his own Facebook page and then Youtube channel.

In this article apart from Amit Bhadna net worth, we will also discuss his early life, career, personal life, and much more. So read this article till the end.

Before bouncing off the article, don’t forget to watch Amit Bhadana unknown facts video at the end of this article.

Amit Bhadana Net Worth 2021 | Biography

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Amit is one of the biggest Indian Youtube stars. Currently, his channel has more than 20 million subscribers. Moreover, he becomes the second individual creator to have 20 million subscribers on Youtube.

In starting, he only uploads videos on Facebook, but later on, in 2017 he uploads fist video on his Youtube channel. After that, he keeps growing day by day and never look back again.

He is not only famous on Youtube. He has a massive following on other social media platforms, too, including Instagram and Facebook. Amit video was also featured in the YouTube’s 2018 Global Top 10 Videos list.

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Amit Bhadana Early Life

He was born on 7 September 1994 in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. Later on, his family moved to Johri Pur, Delhi. So he was brought up in Delhi.

Amit did his schooling from Yamuna Bihar school. Moreover, he completed his graduation from Delhi University in the field of Law.

During his school and college time, he enjoyed making other people laugh, especially his school and college friends.

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Amit Bhadana Career

Early Career

During his first year exams, Amit posted a dubbing video on his Facebook profile. After getting numerous likes comment and appreciation, he created his own Facebook page.

Amit never had any desire to face the camera and become a YouTuber. Moreover, his family never want him to do all this. They want him to focus on his law studies and complete his studies.

But after getting a good response from Facebook and due to the encouragement from his friends, he creates his self Titled Youtube channel Amit Bhadana.


Amit created his channel in October 2015, but he uploads his first video in 2015 which was an instant hit. Moreover, he starts publishing full-length videos from 2017.

He is mainly famous for making the Haryanvi video, and according to Google Trends Amit, most of the fans are UP Haryana, and Delhi. His fans love his rhyming Haryanvi dialogues one of Amit famous dialogue was

“Master bhi keh de ise na padhana!! Naam hai iska Amit Bhadana!!”

The growth of Subscribers of Amit Bhadana Channel is outrageous. His Channel got 10 million subscribers in September 2018.

He was the second individual Youtuber to hit 10 million subscribers in India after Bhuvan Bam. Moreover, he also releases a Song title Parichay on his Youtube channel when he crossed the 10 million subscribers.

Furthermore, currently, his channel has more than 22 million subscribers, and he is the India third-biggest Youtuber in term of subscribers after CarryMinati and Ashish Chanchlani.

Amit is currently working on his next song. He told his fans that he would release a music video after hitting 20 Million Subscriber mark. So we can expect his new song will come very soon.

He also made a video with two big Celebrities Parmish Verma and Ajay Devgan.

Amit Bhadana with Ajay Devgan

Amit Bhadana with Parmish Verma

Currently, his channel has more than 75 Videos, and his one of the most popular video is Types of People in a Bus.

Amit is not only famous on Youtube. He has a massive following on other platforms too, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. All of his videos are edited, scripted and shot by his friends only.

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Amit Bhadana Records and Awards

Amit broke several records in 2017, and we have listed some of them below:

  • One of the most top trending worldwide no.1 videos on Youtube
  • Most liked the video.
  • No.1 channel on Youtube for three days.
  • Seven million views on Facebook in one day.
  • Nine million views on Youtube in just one day.

However, all these records are later on broke by some other Youtubers. He also won various awards which are listed below:

  • MTV Viral King Of The Year Award.
  • National Academy Awards.
  • National Summit Awards.
  • Best Youtuber 2019 by Cama.

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Amit Bhadana Personal Life

Currently, Amit is unmarried and not dating anyone. But in the past, there were rumours that he is dating his co-star Riya Mavi. However, these rumours were never confirmed by anyone.

Currently, Riya Mavi is not working with the Amit Bhadana team, and she has launched his own channel on which she also gave a reply why she left the Team Amit Bhadana.

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Amit Bhadana Controversy

Usually, Amit tries to stay away from controversies. But sometimes due to fans or due to someone else his name comes in controversies.

He comes in controversy when both Amith Bhadana and Bhuvan Bam are very close to 10 Million subscribers. So at that time, the fans of Both BB and Amit started a subscriber war Amit Bhadana Vs BB Ki Vines.

However, Amit never takes this seriously, and on it, he gave a reply that both he and Bhuvan good friends and there is no competition between them.

He once again comes in a controversy when his Co-YouTuber Riya Mavi left their term, and In a QnA video, she gives some answers about why she left the team Amit Bhadana.

She states that she doesn’t get enough respect in the team. The payment she gets for one month is very low, which is ₹5000. Moreover, Riya also says that she was never invited to the events. However, Amit Bhadana never gives a reply about this.

Recently Amit again gets in a controversy with two Big YouTubers Ashish Chanchlani and Bhuvan Bam. Through his Instagram story, Amit says that both Bhuvan Bam and Ashish Chanclani run ads of his videos to destroy his reputation and even pay money to creat bad memes for Amit Bhadana.

However, both Bhuvan Bam and Ashish Chanclani don’t give any reply to Amit Bhadana. Some people also say that Amit is doing this is to hype its new song Aatmvishwas. But to this Amit replied that he doesn’t need to hype his song. He already has an audience who loves him and hype of the song is already present among his followers.

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Amit Bhadana Social Media

What is the Updated Net Worth of Amit Bhadana in 2021?

The primary source of income for Amit Bhadana is his Youtube Channel. Apart from earning money through Google Adsense, he also makes a good amount of money through sponsorships and brand deals.

The updated Net Worth of Amit Bhadana in 2021 is $6.3 Million, which is approximately equal to ₹47 Crores. Moreover, Amit earns ₹1-1.5 Crores every year.

Amit Net Worth has been increased by 1800% from the past few years, and by seeing his performance, we can estimate that his Net Worth will grow more in future.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article about Youtube Star Amit Bhadana. If you found this article worth reading, then don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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Amit Bhadana Net Worth 2021 | Biography

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