Brad Lea Net Worth 2023 | Biography


Hello readers, today in this article, we will discuss the Net Worth of Brad Lea in 2023. He is an Entrepreneur, author, podcaster, YouTuber, philanthropist, and investor.

In this article, apart from his net worth, we will also discuss Brad’s early life, career, personal life, and much more. So read this article till the end.

Also, before bouncing off this article, don’t forget to watch Brad Lea’s business ideas video at the end of this article.

Brad Lea Net Worth 2023 | Biography

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Brad owns a portfolio of various successful companies, but he is mainly known for being the founder and CEO of the tech company LightSpeed VT.

Below in the other sections of this article, we have discussed Brad’s early life and career in detail.

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Brad Lea Early Life

He was born on 9 November 1969 in Cottage Grove, Oregon. He spent most of his childhood years there, and at the age of 14, he moved with his family to a town named Eugene, Oregon.

Brad comes from a middle-class family, and his life is filled with lots of up and down. Moreover, in an interview, Brad said that his father had some entrepreneurial skills.

At the age of 16, he dropped out of school to pursue his dream of being a movie star. But after six months, he loses all his hope and even gets broke. So later on, to deal with the situation, he took a salesperson’s job.

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Brad Lea Career

Early Career

At the age of 17, Brad applied to the Forest Service in Oregon. He thought that he would be the guy that help fight the forest fires.

But the reality was apparently different. On the very first day, he was told to pick up the ten-pound backpack filled with water on his back and then squirt the stumps that are smoldering.

After seeing all this, he wondered what he was doing there and told his supervisor that he would not come tomorrow.

Then the day after leaving the job, he saw an advertisement for a car seller, and he joined that job. Moreover, at the job, he even sold more cars than the company’s best salesperson.

For some time, he continues selling cars. But later on, he even sells some other things, including artwork and vacuums. While working as a salesman, he learned a lot about people’s psychology and the skills of how to win a deal.

LightSpeed VT

In 1999, Brad founded the tech company LightSpeed VT with the aim to revolutionize online learning. His company provides an interactive and fantastic training system to the users.

The company’s headquarters are based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Brad is excellent at giving training to people, and he knew that.

But the problem is that he could only reach to few people physically. So at that time, he thought that he could reach more people using the internet and provide them with the training that would really help them.

With this aim, he finally came up with his company LightSpeed VT. His company made a massive impact on the lives of many people.

Moreover, with his growing company, he himself became an influential leader on social media. Currently, the company has a market value of more than $25 Million.

YouTube and Podcast

Brad runs a YouTube channel named BRAD LEA TV. He regularly uploads videos related to sales, business, and life on his channel.

Apart from that, he also runs a podcast series named Dropping Bombs on his channel. Moreover, currently, his channel has more than 118K Subscribers and a total of 5 Million views.

Brad Lea Book – THE HARD WAY

Brad has written a book titled THE HARD WAY. The book explains life lessons and universal laws that anyone needs to be successful.

Moreover, it even includes a collection of stories and lessons that Brad learned while building a good and happy life. The book basically covers three main topics sales, business, and life.

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Brad Lea’s Personal Life

Brad Lea is married, and his wife’s name is Melissa Renee Lea. Moreover, the couple is blessed with two beautiful daughters.

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Brad Lea Social Media

What is the Updated Net Worth of Brad Lea in 2023?

Brad Lea is an Entrepreneur, author, YouTuber, and investor. Moreover, he has multiple sources of income. But most of his income comes through his business LightSpeed VT.

Apart from this, he also earns a significant amount of money through his YouTube channel, book sales, and other businesses.

The updated Net Worth of Brad Lea in 2023 is $8 Million. Moreover, Brad’s net worth has grown by 13% over the past few years.

Name Brad Lea
Profession Entrepreneur, Author, YouTuber, and Investor
Net Worth (2023) $8 Million
Source of Income LightSpeed VT, YouTube channel, Book Sales, and Other Investments
Last Updated 2023

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