Decoding Wedding Dress Styles – From Vintage To Contemporary


Every bride has a story, a vision of the perfect wedding day. Amid all the grandeur, it’s often the wedding dress that takes center stage, expressing her personality and style, making her feel like royalty. But with the myriad of choices available, how does a bride decode the different wedding dress styles, from vintage to contemporary? This blog post is here to guide you on your magical journey.

Vintage Wedding Dresses

There’s something inherently romantic about vintage wedding dresses. A tribute to fashion epochs past, they echo timeless elegance and classic allure. Perfectly suited for the nostalgic bride, vintage gowns seamlessly blend old-world charm with modern sensibilities. You might opt for a 1920s flapper-style dress with intricate beading and a drop waist or a 1950s-inspired dress featuring a classic ball gown silhouette and dramatic neckline.

But remember, the wedding dress alone isn’t the full picture. As a seasoned wedding videographer Los Angeles, we’ve found that vintage-inspired weddings often extend the aesthetic to the entire ceremony. From sepia-toned video shots to retro-themed decor, each element adds to the timeless story we’re entrusted to capture.

Bohemian Wedding Dresses

Next, let’s journey to the world of bohemian wedding dresses. Perfect for free-spirited brides, bohemian dresses offer a distinctively relaxed yet enchanting look. Defined by long flowing skirts, lace detailing, and often an off-the-shoulder design, bohemian gowns provide an effortlessly beautiful aesthetic.

Your wedding videographer can capture the ethereal elegance of a boho bride against the backdrop of a sun-soaked beach or a flower-filled meadow. The natural, laid-back style of bohemian dresses harmonizes flawlessly with the diverse landscapes Los Angeles has to offer.

Contemporary Wedding Dresses

For the modern bride with an eye for fashion-forward design, contemporary wedding dresses are the way to go. These dresses push the boundaries of traditional bridal wear, celebrating individuality and innovation. Think minimalistic designs, unexpected cuts, and a focus on comfort without compromising on chic.

As your wedding videographer in Los Angeles, our role is to chronicle this contemporary elegance in a dynamic and fashionable manner, ensuring every dramatic entrance and intimate moment is immortalized with a touch of modern finesse.

Finding the Perfect Dress for You

Ultimately, the key to decoding wedding dress styles is understanding that the right dress for you is the one that feels the most authentic to who you are. It should mirror your personality, resonate with your aesthetic sense, and make you feel the most beautiful. It’s about choosing a dress not just for the wedding, but for the memories that a wedding videographer captures, the ones you’ll treasure forever.


Decoding wedding dress styles from vintage to contemporary is an exciting part of the wedding planning process. It’s a journey of discovering your bridal identity and finding that perfect dress which will make your heart flutter every time you see it in your wedding video.

And when you do find your dream dress, whether it’s a vintage piece that transports you back in time, a bohemian gown that matches your free spirit, or a contemporary design that breaks the norm, your chosen wedding videographer in Los Angeles will be there. We’ll capture not just the dress, but the joy, the tears, the laughter, and all the precious moments that tell the story of your special day. After all, your wedding dress is more than just fabric and thread – it’s a symbol of your love story, ready to be brought to life on film.

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