Demystifying The Inner Workings Of Pens: How Do They Write?


You can get different options when it comes to vape pens, you can even choose a disposable vape pen. Here is a look at what makes up a vape pen and how they operate.

What makes up a vape pen?

A vape pen is made up of three main parts, a mouthpiece, the battery and the pod or tank. Vape mods tend to be large in size and offer the additional feature of being able to control the voltage or wattage. Some, like box mods, allow you to take out the battery, which you cannot do with a vape pen. Most vape mods also have a 510 threading for 510 tanks or a removable tank. While it is possible for vape pens to have this possibility, most have tanks that are integrated and they are not meant to be taken out.

Basically, a vape pen is a device you can vape with that is smaller and does not allow you control over the wattage or voltage. They are easy to use, and compact so you can travel with them. A disposable vape pen gives you the option of throwing it out after you have finished what is in it. Devices range from 300 puffs up to 800 puffs though the most average is 600.

Means of operation

Vape pens have two ways they might operate, one is using a button and the other is draw activation.

Button operation – This refers to the button on the pen that you push to use the device. It is the most popular option and so a lot of devices have a button to operate them. It gives the user a more tactile experience as they vap their chosen vape juice and relax. When you are ready to take an inhale, you push the button to turn the power on so the coil heats up and turns the liquid to vapour which you then inhale. It is important though that if you are carrying a vape pen around with you that is button operated, that it is turned off while being transported.

Draw activation – This is the type of activation you see in a lot of disposable e-cigarettes but more vape pens are using it. All you need to do is place the vape pen to your mouth and draw, or inhale from the mouthpiece and it fires up the device to heat, and generate vapour that you then inhale. They include a sensor that notes when an inhalation occurs and are a little safer to transport.


Regardless of the type of vape pen you choose or the vape juice you prefer to use, they way you inhale is pretty much the same for any pen. Just be safe when you use them and choose whichever method of operation that feels best and works better. Make sure the vape pen is off when it is button operated when you are not using it. With a draw-activated pen, you should ensure the mouthpiece stays dry so condensation or liquid does not get into its sensor.

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