Emiway Bantai Net Worth 2021 | Biography

Hello Readers, today in this article we will discuss the Net Worth of Emiway Bantai in 2021. Emiway is an Indian rapper, songwriter, music composer, dancer, and singer.

Moreover, people know him for his song Machayenge, that has more than 190 Million views on YouTube. This song gets viral on every social media platform.

In this article apart from his net worth, we will also discuss Emiway early life, career, controversy, and much more. So read this article till the end.

Before bouncing off, this article doesn’t forget to watch Emiway Bantai unknown facts video at the end of this article.

Emiway Bantai Net Worth 2021 | Biography

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Emiway Bantai real name is Bilal Shaikh, but most people know him by his stage/YouTube channel name Emiway Bantai.

Moreover, his nickname is Shahrukh Shaikh, and most of his friend call him by this name. He started his rapping career with his self titled Youtube channel.

Moreover, his debut song is Glint Lock that he uploaded on his YouTube channel in 2013. Currently, his channel has more than 10 Million Subscribers, and people love his style of rapping.

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Emiway Bantai Early Life

He was born on 13 November 1995 in Bengaluru, Karnataka in a middle-class Muslim family. He did his schooling from LHS, Mumbai.

Emiway was an excellent student in school till class 10th. Moreover, he takes medical stream in 11th class, but at the same time, he knows about rapping and starts showing interest toward rapping.

Due to his interest in rapping, he even fails in his 12th class exams. When he fails in the 12th class, he even went into the depression, and that was a very tough time for Emiway. But he does a lot of effort to come from that phase and start learning hip-hop music.

In starting of his journey, he used to listen to Eminem song to learn to rap, and he is a huge fan of Eminem till now. Before becoming a famous rapper, he also auditioned at the popular Indian reality show- India’s Got Talent.

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Emiway Bantai Career

Emiway made his debut in the music industry with an English song Glint Lock in 2013 that he uploaded on his Youtube Channel.

During his struggling days, he works at Hard Rock Cafe to earn money because he doesn’t want to take monetary support from his family to make his career in the rapping industry.

When he released his first song in the English language, then his father advised him to do rap in Hindi so that Indian people can easily understand it,

He took his father advise and release his first Hindi song Aur Bantai in 2014. Aur Bantai was an instant hit, and most of the people loved his song. Currently, his song has more than 8 million views on YouTube.

After the release of this song, he decided to make his career in rapping. He came in front of a large audience in 2017 when he released a song #Sadak by collaborating with rapper Raftaar. Till now the song Sadak has crossed more than 200 Million views on YouTube.

Moreover, his YouTube channels grow very much when he gets in a diss war with Raftaar. At that time he gains a lot of views and subscribers on his YouTube. We have discussed this further in the controversy section of this article.

Currently, Emiway described himself as Independent artist as till now he has not signed with any label. Furthermore, he usually uploads one music video on his channel weekly, which is very rare for other rappers.

Currently, his channel Emiway Bantai has more than 10 Million subscribers, and his most popular song video is Firse Machayange that has more than 330 Million views on Youtube.

Emiway also owns his own studio called as Bantai The Studio.

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Emiway Awards

  • Radio City Freedom Award in 2016 for the Song Aisa Kuch Shot Nahi Hai.
  • People Choice Award Best Hip Hop Artist in 2017.

Emiway Top 10 Songs

  • ABBU

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Emiway Bantai Controversy

He firstly gets in a controversy in 2018 with rapper Raftaar. The controversy began when in an interview Raftaar said that rappers like Emiway are not making money in the industry.

Due to Raftaar this statement Emiway released a diss track on Raftaar with title Samajh Mein Aaya Kya. After the release of this song, a diss track war began between both Raftaar and Emiway.

After Emiway this song Raftaar also give a reply through song Sheikh Chilli. But the war doesn’t end here Emiway again released a song Giraftaar to which Raftarr replied with a song Awein Hai. In the end, Emiway again released a song Khatam.

But for this song, Raftaar doesn’t give a reply and instead go live on YouTube to clear the things. Later on, no one gives much attention to each other.

In April 2020 he gets ina controversy with another rapper Divine. In starting Divine released two diss tracks on Emiway with title Chaabi Wala Bandar and Sach Bol Patta. So to this Emiway replied with a song titled GULLY KA KUTTA.

Later on, the controversy between both of them gets solved when they get live with each other and clear all the things that they have in their mind.

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Emiway Social Media

Facebook: 2.3 Million Followers (@Emiway37)

Instagram: 3.1 Million Followers (@emiway_bantai)

Twitter: 22.7K Followers (@emiwaytweets)

Youtube: 14.2 Million Subscribers (Emiway Bantai)

What is the Updated Net Worth of Emiway Bantai in 2021?

Emiway, most of the income, come from his Youtube channel and doing live shows. Apart from earning money through Google Adsense, he also earns some money through brand endorsements.

The updated Net Worth of Emiway Bantai in 2021 is $4 Million, which is approximately equal to ₹32 crores. Moreover, Emiway charges ₹12 Lakhs for 1-hour show.

By seeing the growth of Emiway in rapping/singing industry, we can estimate that his net worth will grow rapidly in future. Currently, Emiway is not only a person he is a brand.

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Emiway Bantai Net Worth 2021 | Biography

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