Enjoy Building A House Although It Seems Complicated And Complicated


Building a house, although it seems Complicated and complicated throughout the process, under those tiredness, there is hidden fun and when the work is completed, it is the homeowner’s happiness. 

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As a creator of sculptures Passed on to the next generation, the challenges and fun of building a house are as follows.

It’s fun to think for yourself.

Even though we are not architects, interior designers or engineers, we can create house designs. From our own imagination. These imaginations come from accumulating part of the experience and part of the creativity.

Some homeowners are happy to Create a model from paper or wood to show the house that you want or may write a plan of various rooms. on demand and self understanding without being afraid that it is not beautiful or inaccurate according to the design principles

Enjoy whatever you choose.

If you are a buyer You probably know that the joy of buying It’s up to you to choose, to experience, to try it yourself. And, of course, in building a house, there must be a selection of materials and equipment, so choosing will allow you to Learn something new and unknown. and touch things that before choosing to be a part of our house

However, the designer or supervisor should Assist in providing samples, materials, equipment so that the homeowner has the opportunity to select adequately. and most importantly, should provide information about the price including decision making

In some cases, the homeowner may go for a tour. Construction fairs are held about 3-4 times a year. Browse products and find information on their properties. and price from the manufacturer Or the dealer directly. In addition to selecting materials and equipment, the homeowner also plays an important role in choosing the recipient. Outsourcing construction or other service providers related to house building work

enjoy doing it yourself

when he had made his choice doing it yourself It means seeing the workers create what they have designed. and has been selected until it becomes tangible which can be seen from the beginning of construction until the work Completed construction is comparable to gave birth to a child Raising them to grow up to be people who are complete as we have hoped for, even though they are not 100 percent. will feel success

The construction of a house will have an evolutionary stage from the idea and decision to build a house. Then design and then hire building contractors for construction work until finishing work in the final stage Before moving in, details in each step will be discussed later.

For the fun of thinking, choosing and building houses are shown as examples. In brief the following

thinking of building a house

Home is our castle. We buy in. We plant our own as we wish. It will be a heavenly place that we can find. It is the place where we are born. The line that we have built to wait….when we encounter sadness, our home is our sanctuary. hurry back to our house Because the house has love and will rejoice.

kindness Always waiting for us In the eaves of our neighborhood… Lyrics, Melodies, Teacher Neranjara (Sati Sitithit) sung Sawali Phakaphan “Ban ”, one of the four factors. all human beings must have a place to live where we miss when we feel truly rested. It’s a place where we feel warm and safe, where there are people we love. And there are people who love and care about us.

Our house may refer to a room, a building, a row house, a single house, or any other type of residence, which we may live by living, renting, or buying for ourselves. but everyone I have a dream that one day we will have our own home.

Our dream home may be acquired by purchase. Houses from various housing projects or residential condominium projects In this case, it is convenient, fast and does not have to be difficult in the design and construction process, but some people may not be able to buy. The house that you dreamed of So I thought it would be better to build it yourself.

Self-built dream house will be a home suitable for us Meet our way of life and most importantly, it must be the house that we have. the joy of creating And continuing to live, but how can we be sure that building our house after this will not bring problems? that makes us have headaches

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