Gaby Peretz from Senegal – Product Designer-Developer


Hi everyone, I’m Gaby Peretz from Senegal. We’re a small tech startup working on an AI-based insurance platform for the African market. In this post, I’ll tell you about our city and my favorite things about it.

Where do you live?

I live in the south of France, in a little town called Nimes. I have lived here for six years, so I know it well.

It’s quiet and peaceful, which I love! The weather is nice most of the time too (except when it rains). There are lots of beautiful old buildings here too; they’re part of what makes this place so special and unique. There are also many beautiful parks where you can go for walks or just relax in nature while enjoying some fresh air.

The only thing that bothers me sometimes is that traffic jams can be pretty bad sometimes during rush hour if there’s an accident on one of our main roads nearby or something like that happens but other than that everything else about living here seems fine!

What is the best thing about your city?

The best thing about my city is the people. They’re friendly, warm and welcoming. The food is also great! I love Senegalese cuisine – it’s simple but delicious. The weather in Dakar is perfect for walking around outside all day long without getting too hot or cold. Finally, I feel safe here; there are police patrolling everywhere so it’s not uncommon to see them patrolling on motorbikes throughout town at night time too which makes me feel secure when walking home late at night after work

What are some of the challenges of living in that city?

Gaby Peretz Senegal can tell you about it. The lack of infrastructure, health care and education are some of the most pressing issues. There is also a lack of housing options as well as employment opportunities for young people who have completed their studies but cannot find work. Security is another issue that needs to be addressed by the government since there are often demonstrations and riots caused by poor living conditions or political unrest

Gaby Peretz is a product designer-developer

Gaby Peretz is a product designer-developer. She has a degree in Business Administration, and she’s been working as such for the past 3 years. She also has 2 years of experience as a product developer, which means she has 4 years of experience overall.


I love living in a big city like Paris. It’s really exciting and there are so many things to do here. However, sometimes it can be hard to find time for yourself because there is always something going on!

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