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Hello readers, today in this article, we will discuss the Net Worth of Inger Stevens. She was a Swedish–American film, television, and stage actress.

In this article, apart from her net worth, we will also discuss Inger’s early life, career, personal life, and much more. So read this article till the end.

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Inger Stevens Net Worth | Biography

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She is mainly famous for her role as Katy Holstrum in the American situation comedy television series The Farmer’s Daughter.

Inger Stevens born name was Inger Stensland. Moreover, her life is filled with many ups and down which we have discussed below in this article.

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Inger Stevens Early Life

She was born on 18 October 1934 in Stockholm. Inger is the eldest child of Per Gustaf and Lisbet Stensland. Moreover, when she was six years old, her mother abandoned the family and took the youngest son Peter with her.

Later on, after some time, her father moved to the United States and left Inger and her brother, Ola, in the custody of the family maid.

In 1994, she and her brother also moved to the United States and started living with her father and his new wife in New York City.

When she was 13 years old, she moved with her family to Manhattan, Kansas, where she attended Manhattan High School and finally graduated in 1952.

Furthermore, at the age of 16, Inger ran away from home and started working in burlesque shows. Later on, at the age of 18, she left Kansas City and returned to New York City. In New York City, she worked as a chorus girl while taking classes at the Actors Studio.

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Inger Stevens Career

During the initial days of her career, she appeared in various Television series and commercials. But Inger finally gets her big break in the 1957 film Man on Fire.

In 1959 she appeared in the movie The World, the Flesh and the Devil. Later on, she appeared in many films, but Inger got the most remarkable success through the television series The Farmer’s Daughter. She worked on this series from 1963 to 1996.

In 1996, when the series got canceled, she appeared several films, including A Guide for the Married Man, Hang ‘Em High, and Madigan.

Furthermore, at the time of her death, she is trying to revive her television career with the detective drama series The Most Deadly Game.

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Inger Steven’s Personal Life

Inger’s first husband was Anthony Soglio. Both of them are together from 1955 to 1957. Moreover, after Inger’s death, Ike Jones claims that he had been secretly married to Stevens since 1961.

However, everyone doubted this because there was a lack of a marriage license. But at the time Inger’s estate was being settled, Inger’s brother confirmed in court that she had hidden her marriage from Ike Jone because of her fear of her career.

The court ruled in Ike Jones’s favor. Moreover, there is also a photo of both of them attending a banquet together in 1968.

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Inger Stevens Death

On the morning of 30 April 1970, Inger’s roommate Lola McNally found her on the kitchen floor of her Hollywood Hills home.

According to Lola’s statement, when she called Inger’s name, she opened her eyes, lifted her head, and tried to speak but could not make any sound.

Lola also told police that she had spoken to Inger last night, and there was no sign of trouble. Inger died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

After her death, medics removed a small bandage from Inger’s chin that revealed a small amount of fresh blood oozing from a cut that appeared to have been a few hours old. The court attributed Inger’s death to acute barbiturate poisoning, which was eventually ruled a suicide.

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Inger Stevens Top 10 Movies

  • A Dream of Kings – 1969
  • Hang ‘Em High – 1968
  • The World, The Flesh and The Devil – 1959
  • Firecreek – 1968
  • A Guide for the Married Man – 1967
  • Card Stud – 1968
  • Madigan – 1968
  • The Buccaneer – 1958
  • Cry Terror! – 1958
  • Man on Fire – 1957

What is the Net Worth of Inger Stevens?

Inger Stevens was a Swedish–American film, television, and stage actress. She accumulated most of her wealth when she was alive by working as an actress in movies and television series.

The Net Worth of Inger Stevens was around $1.1 Million when she was alive. Moreover, after her death, all her property and assets are handed over to her husband, Ike Jones, by the court.

Name Inger Stevens
Profession Actress
Net Worth $1.1 Million
Source of Income Movies and TV Shows
Last Updated 2023

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