J $tash Net Worth 2023 | Biography

Hello readers, today in this article, we will discuss the Net Worth of J $tash. He was an American rapper, singer, music producer, and record label executive.

In this article, apart from his net worth, we will also discuss J $ tash’s early life, career, personal life, and much more. So read this article till the end.

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J $tash Net Worth 2023 | Biography

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J $tash’s real name is Justin Alexander Joseph, but most people know him by his stage name J $tash. He was known for founding the label Relax Rekords.

Moreover, he was also the second artist who got signed to the Rich Forever Music label. J $tash released his debut album Hood Rich in 2016.

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J $tash Early Life

He was born on 23 September 1993 in New York but raised in Florida, United States. J $tash was of American nationality, and his ethnicity was African-American. There is no information available about his family in the public domain.

Since childhood, he was interested in music. So after completing graduation from California State University, J $tash decided to pursue a career in music. Moreover, when he was young, he sold drugs to earn a living.

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J $tash Career

J $tash started rapping at a very young age after being influenced by rappers like Lil Wayne and Young Money. So to pursue his rapping career, he moved to New York and founded the record label Relax Rekords.

With his record label, he released three mixtapes. But later, in March 2016, he got signed by the Rich Forever Music label and became the second artist to get signed by this label.

In April 2016, he released his debut album, Hood Rich. Furthermore, in the same year, he released another album, No More Distractions.

Then in 2017, he came up with the album Relax With Me. After a gap of two years, he released his fourth album titled 6ix Before 7even.

J $tash has released many singles during his career, but Nuthin, Guerillas, and FLEXIN are some of his most famous songs.

J $tash music was very much influenced by Asia. In an interview, he revealed that his hometown in Japan taught him how to be disciplined in life.

Apart from rapping, he was also involved in modeling and designing. He was signed by Kanye for a modeling gig. J $ tash’s skills were not just limited to rapping. He had excellent entrepreneurial skills.

In an interview, he said that he wants to build business across the countries and not just focus on rapping. However, his career and dream ended after his demise just at the age of 28.

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J $tash Personal Life

He was in a relationship with his girlfriend, Janette Gallegos. Janette is the mother of three kids. Although J $tash was not the father of the kids. They all used to live together in Temple City, Los Angeles.

Before being in a relationship with Janette, he was in a relationship with Danielle Phaeton. Danielle has accused J $tash of physically assaulting her in 2019.

After this, he faced assault and harassment charges, but in court, none were proven, and he avoided imprisonment.

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J $tash Death

On 1 January 2022, J $tash committed suicide after killing his girlfriend, Janette Gallegos. Police got a domestic violence report, after which they rushed to J $ tash’s house, where they found the dead body of J $tash and his girlfriend.

According to police, J $tash had a dispute with his girlfriend which resulted in him killing Janette and then later shooting himself dead. Currently, Janette’s children are staying with other family members of Janette.

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J $tash Social Media

What is the Net Worth of J $tash?

J $tash was an American rapper, singer, music producer, and record label executive. He accumulated most of his wealth through his music career, mainly through music royalty.

The updated Net Worth of J $tash was around $5 Million when he was alive. After his death, his wealth was passed on to his family members.

Name  J $tash
Profession Rapper, Music Producer, and Record Label Executive
Net Worth $5 Million
Source of Income Music Royalty
Last Updated 2023

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J $tash Net Worth 2023 | Biography

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