Making the Most of Your SHOT Show Booths


The SHOT Show is an annual trade show for the shooting, hunting, and firearms industry. Teardrop banner are a type of banner that can be used at trade shows, including the SHOT Show. Teardrop banners come in different sizes, including medium and extra-large. Having a stand that goes with every minor details of the trade exhibition add beauty to it.  Thousands of brands attend to showcase new products, evaluate the competition and meet dealers/distributors. But attending, exhibiting, and finishing the show can be expensive. Calculating your ROI, defining your buyer persona, following up promptly, and nurturing leads with CRM can help maximize the return on your investment.

Promote Your Booth on Social Media

Exhibitors can begin promoting their presence at the show on social media well before the event. This can reduce costs associated with printing and shipping booth literature. It can also be an excellent way to attract attention from potential buyers and prospects who still need to follow your brand on social media. Using hashtags for the show, exhibitors can share photos and videos from the show floor to help drive engagement. In addition, contests can also draw interest and generate buzz. For example, a contest can be set up where attendees can submit a photo of themselves with a product in their booth by Infinity Exhibits to win the product. Having customers do the marketing for your business can increase engagement and cost-effectively generate new leads.

Booth Map

SHOT Show is an opportunity to develop relationships with vendors and buyers across the industry. These relationships can then be leveraged to promote your products throughout the year via magazines, blogs, and YouTube channels. A booth map is an excellent way for attendees to see what each vendor has to offer before they arrive at the show. Using a map editor, you can create a custom background image and overlay booths of different shapes and sizes. You can edit a booth map’s name and add a description.

Additionally, you can resize the booths by clicking and dragging each small edit square. You can also re-orient the booth by selecting the selection square connected to it and rotating it at clean increments of 45 degrees. SHOT Show is all about connecting with buyers and sellers in the shooting, hunting, and outdoor industry. It’s where they can get up-to-the-minute information on new products, attend business seminars and keynote speeches from top industry speakers. Creating a booth map helps you organize your exhibit space and visually represent your layout on the live floor plan. Using the booth placement tools panel, you can display grid lines, snap to everyone, create an individual booth, or freestyle draw your entire floor plan. Once you’ve added a location or map, you can edit its regions, set purchase settings, and assign exhibitors to specific spots.

Booth Schedule

The SHOT Show is an industry trade show for shooting, hunting, and outdoor sporting goods. It also brings together military and law enforcement buyers and sellers of tactical gear and equipment. The show is enormous, so attendees need a plan to navigate it and maximize their time. Download the free app to build a personalized schedule, bookmark exhibitors and sessions, and receive critical real-time communications.

Before the show, identify your goals and target buyers. This will help you prepare and be ready to answer questions during the event. Also, consider providing a link to a digital catalog rather than printing and shipping brochures to cut your upfront costs. Finally, if you need labor to set up and take down your booth, work with your contractor to schedule your target move-in and outbound times to avoid overtime charges.

Booth List

The goal of most booths is to attract and engage qualified attendees. Using drip marketing campaigns before the show to create buzz and interest and to send only the type of people you want at your booth can save your sales team time from dealing with tire kickers. Make your booth comfortable and welcoming to encourage people to stay. Provide soft seating, cold drinks, and food to keep people around and give away items that remind them of your brand. Many custom products can be ordered in bulk and given away for little money at the show. These can include t-shirts, mouse pads, and can coolers. They also can help you stand out from the crowds. If you have current clients attending the show, invite them to meet at your booth and surprise them with a special gift.

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