Reasons Why 3d Printing is Becoming So Popular


The technology of 3D printing has now reached commercial and even retail levels of production. Big research companies are not the only ones that use slicer software in their areas anymore. People in their homes who want to explore this technology can now print models of their designs and even create a business out of their start-up. Why did all of this happen? Why has 3D printing become so popular? Read more to find out about the reasons why 3D printing is reaching mainstream.

Reasons Why 3D Printing is Hitting the Mainstream

Availability of new technology

The technology of 3D printing started in the 1980s. It was when large commercial companies wanted to create prototypes of their products. Having 3D prints of their actual designs will help them save time and money as the material costs of 3D printing are less compared to the actual materials that they will use for their products.

But as time went by, new technology has made 3D printers more affordable along with the slicer software. The availability of less costly printing materials has also arisen. You can now find thermoplastic polymers like polylactic acid that are being used in 3D printing. They are more convenient to get nowadays compared to the materials used before in 3D printing. Because of the technology of 3D printing, you can expect smaller 3D printers to be available in the market as well.

Innovation in other parts of the world

When you think of 3D printing, you would say that the technology is only available in developed parts of the world. But because of the accessibility to information and the online market, you can order 3D printers from any country or place that you are in. And since the costs of 3D printers have also gone down, you can expect more hobbyists and craft makers to make use of 3D printers in their own homes in order to express themselves and create great products out of their 3D printers. DIYers can also use 3D printers to make parts that they can use in their projects.

3D Printing skills can be developed

The technology to create models from 3D printers requires skill levels that can be difficult to develop. Before, you had to attend physical courses where you were taught how to do scaled models of objects and reproduce them through 3D printers. But now, because of access to information and teaching courses, you can actually learn and develop your skills in 3D printing in the four corners of your room. You just need access to the internet, enroll in a technology course about 3D printing, and start increasing your skills in 3D printing. There are even free online courses about 3D printing that you can study and learn from.

Stand-alone units of Value Chain

Because of the need of big manufacturing companies, they often develop a particular section in their business, particularly, about 3D modeling. Now, commercial companies may depend on stand-alone printing installation and outsourcing some materials to other smaller businesses. This makes the manufacturing workflow more convenient for the companies. This also includes external sources in the value chain and build more relationships with businesses as well as with customers.


The popularity of 3D printing has gone from only the big commercial companies to the small businesses and even hobbyists who only want to express their creativity in their homes. Now, using slicer software is not just for the experts but more people are being equipped with the knowledge and the skill of 3D printing. This is good for both the manufacturers of 3D printers and the advancement of the technology as well. With 3D printing becoming mainstream, you can expect its innovation to exponentially increase in the years to come.

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