VMDK Corrupt Repair


When it comes to VMDK corrupt repair, having reliable and professional software is crucial. DiskInternals VMFS Recovery™ stands out as an exceptional tool renowned for its advanced capabilities in VMFS recovery. This software enables the retrieval of both the .vmdk file and the corresponding -flat.vmdk file. 

Key features of VMFS Recovery™

  • Wide Virtual Machine Support: VMFS Recovery™ is compatible with various virtual machines, including VMware disk images, Virtual PC, VirtualBox, and ProDiscover. It provides comprehensive coverage for different virtualization environments.
  • Seamless vSphere Compatibility: The software seamlessly integrates with vSphere 6 and ESX/ESXi Server. This ensures a smooth recovery process within these environments, enabling efficient data retrieval.
  • Operating System Compatibility: VMFS Recovery™ functions smoothly on Windows 7 and above. While it is compatible with these versions, it is recommended to use Windows 10 due to the recovery process involving the creation of a VMFS structure in RAM, which requires at least 6 GB of memory.
  • Space Requirements: The software itself has a size of 65 MB. However, it is essential to have sufficient free space on your hard disk drive for data restoration. It is advisable not to restore data on the same disk from which it was recovered to prevent overwriting, necessitating the availability of additional free space.
  • User-Friendly Recovery Wizard: VMFS Recovery™ provides an intuitive recovery wizard that ensures a hassle-free and quick data recovery experience. The step-by-step guidance simplifies the process and allows users to easily navigate through the recovery stages.
  • Virtual Disk Mounting: With VMFS Recovery™, you can conveniently mount virtual disks as local disks, making them easily accessible through Windows Explorer. This feature streamlines the access to recovered data and facilitates further analysis or utilization.
  • File Name and Folder Support: VMFS Recovery™ supports file names and multi-level Unicode folders, guaranteeing the accurate retrieval of all data. This comprehensive support ensures that no valuable information is overlooked during the recovery process.

With its powerful features, VMFS Recovery™ provides a reliable solution for recovering corrupt VMDK files. Its compatibility with various virtual machines, seamless integration with vSphere, user-friendly recovery wizard, and file name and folder support make it an invaluable tool for efficient data retrieval. By following the step-by-step guide provided, users can effectively recover their valuable data from corrupt VMDK files.

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