Scotty Kilmer Net Worth 2023 | Biography

Hello readers, today in this article, we will discuss the Net Worth of Scotty Kilmer in 2023. He is an American YouTuber, author, and auto mechanic.

In this article, apart from his net worth, we will also discuss Scotty’s early life, career, personal life, and much more. So read this article till the end.

Also, before bouncing off this article, don’t forget to watch one of Scotty Kilmer’s videos at the end of this article.

Scotty Kilmer Net Worth 2023 | Biography

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Scotty’s full name is Scott Michael “Scotty” Kilmer. He is known for his self-titled YouTube channel, which has more than 5 Million subscribers.

On his channel, he uploads videos related to Cars, mainly repairing tutorials and telling his viewers how the car works. Moreover, he has also written a book named Everyone’s Guide To Buy A Used Car.

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Scotty Kilmer Early Life

He was born on 2 October 1953 in Niagara Falls, New York. His father, John Kilmer, was the owner of the Texaco gas station, and his mother, Shirley Kilmer was a homemaker.

Moreover, his grandfather Elmer Kilmer was also a mechanic. So from a very young age, Scotty became interested in car repairing.

Moreover, at 14, he learned to be a mechanic from his grandfather. Scotty completed his undergraduate degree from York University and then earned a master’s degree in anthropology from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign.

Later, he planned to do a P.h.D., but he dropped this plan because he was dissatisfied with the university tenure system.

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Scotty Kilmer Career

Early Career

After completing his education, in 1980, he moved to Houston to work as a mechanic with his grandfather. Scotty has excellent knowledge of cars.

So, upon his wife’s suggestion, he started writing a book titled Everyone’s Guide to Buying a Used Car and Car Maintenance, which was published in 1994.

The book instantly attracts a lot of readers just after its release. Moreover, due to this, Scotty even appeared on the front page of the Houston Chronicle, which further caught the attention of local CBS affiliate KHOU.

Later on, Scotty signed a deal with the KHOU, and he got his own show, Crank it Up with Scotty. Through his show, he tells the audience about fixing minor automotive problems and offers opinions on vehicle engineering.

The show ran for ten years and finally got ended in 2004. Moreover, because of this show, he even received a Regional Emmy Award for Outstanding Interactivity and an Emmy Award for Best Interactive Car Talk Host.

YouTube and Other Work

In Aug 2007, he started his self-titled YouTube channel, Scotty Kilmer, and uploaded his first video, “How to get car answers from an expert auto mechanic“.

Later on, he uploads more videos for people who want to know about the automotive industry. Within some time, his channel started attracting a lot of viewers, which encouraged him to create more and more videos related to cars.

Currently, his channel has more than 5.4 Million Subscribers, and till now, he has uploaded more than 4.1K videos on his channel.

Furthermore, his channel’s most popular video, “5 Things You Should Never Do in an Automatic Transmission Car“, has more than 19 Million views.

Scotty claimed that he has more than 53 years of experience as a mechanic, and he has only created this channel to share his knowledge with others.

He claims that he is proud of not doing any sponsors and only believes in giving an unbiased opinion about the cars. Scotty is very consistent on his channel.

He regularly uploads two videos every day in a regularized format. Many people believe that consistency is the main reason behind his channel’s growth.

Scotty has scheduled his videos in the following way. Monday tool giveaway video, Tuesday and Friday auto repair videos, Wednesday and Sunday modification-related video, and Thursday and Saturday Q&A.

Besides YouTube, he is also active on other social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, Scotty has a genuine fan base ready to support him in any way. So he also sells the merchandise to his audience. His merchandise includes t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, bags, and mugs.

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Scotty Kilmer’s Personal Life

Scotty is married, and his wife’s name is Leslie Kilmer. Leslie is a schoolteacher. The couple has been married since 1979. Moreover, together they have two children named Riley and Wyeth.

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Scotty Kilmer Social Media

What is the Updated Net Worth of Scotty Kilmer in 2023?

Scotty Kilmer is an American YouTuber, author, and auto mechanic. He has multiple sources of income, but the majority of his income comes from YouTube ad revenue and affiliate marketing.

Apart from this, he also earns significant money through book and merchandise sales. Moreover, in the past, he has also worked in a tv show, and his earnings from that also contribute to his overall wealth.

The updated Net Worth of Scotty Kilmer in 2023 is $18 Million. Moreover, Scotty Kilmer’s annual income is around $850K.

Name Scotty Kilmer
Profession YouTuber, Author, and Auto Mechanic
Net Worth (2023) $18 Million
Source of Income YouTube Ad Revenue, Affiliate Marketing, TV Show, and Book & Merchandise Sales
Annual Income $850K
Last Updated 2023

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Scotty Kilmer Net Worth 2023 | Biography

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