Sonne Farms Net Worth 2023 | Biography

Hello readers, today in this article, we will discuss the Net Worth of Sonne Farms in 2023. Sonne is an American YouTuber and Farmer.

In this article, apart from his net worth, we will also discuss Sonne’s early life, career, personal life, and much more. So read this article till the end.

Sonne Farms Net Worth 2023 | Biography

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Sonne Farms’ real name is Cole Sonne, but most people know him by his YouTube channel name Sonne Farms. Sonne initially started his YouTube channel to entertain himself.

But later on, when his channel began to grow, he started taking it more seriously. Moreover, currently, his channel has more than 206K subscribers.

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Sonne Farms Early Life

He was born in South-Eastern South Dakota. His father, Brian Sonne, works on the Farm along with his uncle Jeff Sonne.

His family has owned the Farm for more than five decades. Moreover, Cole is a fourth-generation farmer. Since childhood, Sonne has helped his father work on farms, making him passionate about farming.

Apart from this, not much information is available about his family. Also, he hasn’t revealed anything about his educational qualifications.

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Sonne Farms Career


Since childhood, Sonne has worked with his family on a farm in South-Eastern South Dakota. So when he grew, he took over the entire work of Sonne Farms. In Farms, he raises Black Angus bulls along with his father.

Later on, these bulls are generally sold to other beef producers. Moreover, they also grow alfalfa, grass hay, corn, and soybeans on the farms.

Cole spends a lot of his time in the field, and he mainly does the work of harvesting corn and soybeans. While his uncle Joe does small tasks like cutting hay and feeding cattle. 


Cole started his YouTube channel, Soone Farms, in 2017 as a hobby. Initially, he uploads 5 to 8 minutes videos showing his farm area, types of equipment, and other basic things.

Moreover, his first video was titled Phantom 4 Farm Flyover after 15-inch Blizzard. Later on, when his channel began to grow, he started posting videos more consistently.

He also switched his content to a vlogging style. Through his videos, he shows his audience his experience of working on the Farm and how he handles all the work on the Farm.

Currently, he posts three videos in a week, and till now, he has uploaded more than 440 videos on his channel. Furthermore, his channel has more than 227K subscribers.

His channel’s most popular video, titled Unblocking years worth of water, has more than 3 Million views. Besides YouTube, he is also active on other social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

Moreover, Cole has even released merchandise that his fans can buy to support him. His merchandise includes t-shirts, hoodies, caps, stickers, and tumblers.

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Sonne Farms Personal Life

Cole Sonne is in a relationship with Tiffany Gengler. Tiffany is a Mortgage Loan Originator and an intern at Sonne Farms.

Cole proposed to Tiffany on 26 February 2022. Moreover, the couple is planning to get married on 4 November 2022.

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Sonne Farms Social Media

What is the Updated Net Worth of Sonne Farms in 2023?

Sonne Farms is an American YouTuber and Farmer. Most of Cole’s income comes from his work on his own Farm in South-Eastern South Dakota.

But apart from this, he also earns significant money through YouTube ad revenue and merchandise sales. All these sources together contribute to his overall wealth.

The updated Net Worth of Sonne Farms in 2023 is $3 Million. Moreover, Cole Sonne’s annual income is around $500K.

Name Sonne Farms (Cole Sonne)
Profession Farmer and YouTuber
Net Worth (2023) $3 Million
Source of Income Farm Work, YouTube Ad Revenue, and Merchandise Sales
Annual Income $500K
Last Updated 2023

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Sonne Farms Net Worth 2023 | Biography

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