Stellar Win For Xli Pr, Pr Agency Hosted By A French Philanthropist


Monte Carlo, January 14 – In a dazzling ceremony at the prestigious MC PR PRIX, the spotlight shone brightly on XLI PR as they clinched the coveted title of Best New PR Agency. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the agency’s relentless dedication and unrivaled expertise in the realm of luxury niche brands with global acclaim.

XLI PR, a boutique PR company, has established itself as a formidable force in the public relations industry. With a global outlook, they have successfully navigated the intricacies of promoting luxury niche brands, propelling them to international prominence. This distinct approach has set them apart, making them a natural contender for the esteemed MC PR PRIX award.

The MC PR PRIX is an esteemed event that annually honors the most outstanding contributions in the PR world hosted by the one and only mr Getty in his castle on the outskirts of the French Reviera . The private event serves as a recognition of exceptional talent and innovation, and this year, XLI PR proudly stood at the pinnacle of triumph.

The agency’s success can be attributed to its dynamic team of seasoned professionals who possess a keen understanding of the luxury niche market and a great sense of what stories make it to the global media . Their ability to craft compelling narratives and tailor strategies that resonate with global audiences has earned them a loyal clientele.

XLI PR’s commitment to excellence and creativity has brought unparalleled results to its clients, allowing them to secure their foothold in the competitive luxury landscape. From fashion houses to high-end jewelry brands to XLI PR’s diverse clientele attests to their versatility and prowess.

As the agency continues to soar to new heights, it remains resolute in its mission to redefine PR practices and amplify the voices of luxury niche brands on the global stage. The MC PR PRIX win is a resounding validation of their unwavering commitment and determination.

In conclusion, XLI PR’s triumph at the MC PR PRIX is a momentous occasion that reverberates throughout the PR industry. With their unique approach, global orientation, and dedication to their clients, they have proven themselves as an exemplary agency worthy of this prestigious recognition. As they continue to elevate brands and redefine PR boundaries, the world watches in anticipation of what lies ahead for this exceptional agency.

XLI PR’s special interests include celebrity and personal pr, the owner of the agency has a deep understanding regarding what it takes to create a star, or a star brand from scratch , she has masterminded a creation of a niche fur brand Tzarina By Ollia which has become an absolute hit and a phenomenon amongst the social media users worldwide , the brand has become a must have amongst every fashionista and the A list celebrity ranging from Beyonce to Kylie Jenner . It almost is unheard of for a brand that was started by a young 24 year old girl with zero investment to become a show stopper within 12 weeks after its launch. XLI PR has proved itself to be one of the most capable young agencies in the world

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