Vineet Bhatia Net Worth 2021 | Biography


Hello Readers, today in this article we will discuss the Net Worth of Vineet Bhatia in 2021. He is an Indian chef, author, restaurateur, and media personality.

Moreover, Vineet Bhatia was the first Indian chef who won two Michelin star awards because of his two restaurants.

In this article apart from his net worth, we will discuss Vineet Bhatia’s early life, career, personal life, and much more. So read this article till the end.

Before bouncing off, this article doesn’t forget to watch Vineet Bhatia interview at the end of this article.

Vineet Bhatia Net Worth 2021 | Biography

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Vineet Bhatia is a famous chef, and currently, he owns 11 restaurants which also includes his signature restaurant KAMA by Vineet that is based in London.

Moreover, he has also worked as a Judge on two shows which include Master Chef India and the Netflix show The Final Table.

He has also worked with British Airways and Qatar Airways. He provides flight meals for first and business class travellers. Apart from this, he is also the author of two books.

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Vineet Bhatia Early Life

He was born on 9 December 1967 in Mumbai. Vineet lived with his family near the airport due to which he always dreams to join Airforce.

So when he was 17, he cracked the National Defence Exam to join the Air Force. However, he fails in the physical test due to which he was not able to join the airforce.

After failing the physical test, he inspired by his mother’s passion and decided to pursue his career in cooking. He does his graduation from the catering college from there he got a degree in economics.

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Vineet Bhatia Career


He started his career in 1988 when he was recruited as a trainee in Oberoi School of Hotel Management, Delhi where he trained until 1990.

Later on from 1990 to 1993, he works as a Chef de Cuisine at The Oberoi. In 1993 he moved to London where he worked in the position of Executive Chef at Star of India, South Kensington.

In 1999 Vineet went to establish Zaika and becomes the first Indian chef that won the Michelin Star Award and that too also in London. For the next three years, he continuously works at Zaika.


In 1998 he partnered with the Iqbal Wahhab to open Cinnamon Club. Later in the next year, he opened up the kitchen at “Vineet Bhatia which receive a good response from everyone.

In 2004 he opened his own Rasoi in Chelsa. Moreover, in 2006 he won the second Michelin Star Award. After opening Rasoi in Chelsea, he soon opened the Rasoi by Vineet in Geneva, Switzerland.

Furthermore, in 2009 this restaurant also received a Michelin Star from Switzerland due to which Vineet become the only Indian 2-star Michelin chef and one of the few British chefs to have Michelin Stars in more than one country.

In 2012 Vineet opened his restaurant Saffron Lounge in Doha, Qatar, and at the same time in Dubai, Indego too. In 2015 he opened Maharaja by Vineet restaurant in Saudi Arabia.

After two years Maharaja won the best Indian restaurant at the Food & Travel Arabia awards. In 2016 he modified his original restaurant Rasoi in Chelsea and relaunched it with the new name Vineet Bhatia London, or we can say VBL.

During the months of opening, Vineet only offers only a multi-course tasting menu. However, due to disagreement between him and his partners, he decides to close the restaurant. Finally, in 2019 he again opened a restaurant in London with the name Kama by Vineet.


He started his television career in 2011 with the show Twist of Taste. In this show, he explores the depth and breadth of Indian cuisine and shows the beauty of India. He works on that show for two seasons.

Vineet next appeared on a Netflix show Final Table. In this show, he is an expert on Indian cuisine who appears on the India episode and even on the final episode as a Judge for the final plate.

In 2009 he appeared as a judge-hosts in the sixth season of MasterChef India. Moreover, due to his appearance in the show the increased and he becomes one of the favourite judges of fans.


He also runs his own YouTube channel with the name Chef Vineet Bhatia. On his channel, he uploads videos weekly and shows its viewers how to replicate any dish at home.

He created his channel in 2013, but he becomes more active on it since June 2020. Currently, his channel has more than 28K Subscribers and more than 120 videos.

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Vineet Bhatia Books

Vineet Bhatia is the author of two highly acclaimed cookbooks:

Rasoi: New Indian Kitchen – 2009

Vineet Bhatia Book, Rasoi New Indian Kitchen Book
View on Amazon

My Sweet Kitchen – 2016

Vineet Bhatia Book, My Sweet Kitchen Book
View on Amazon

Vineet Bhatia Restaurants

  • Star of India – London, United Kingdom
  • Zaika – London, United Kingdom
  • Safran – Belle Mare, Mauritius
  • Tantra – Los Angeles, United States of America
  • Rasoi – London, United Kingdom
  • Indego– Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Indus – Moscow, Russia
  • Urban Turban – London, United Kingdom
  • Maharaja – Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
  • Rasoi – Geneva, Switzerland
  • B.I.R.D – Leeds, United Kingdom
  • Saffron Lounge – Doha, Qatar
  • Ziya – Mumbai, India
  • Amari – Belle Mare, Mauritius
  • Maharaja East – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Rasoi – Manama, Bahrain
  • Vineet Bhatia London – London, United Kingdom
  • Indego 360 – Doha, Qatar
  • Rasoi – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Indya – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • KAMA – London, United Kingdom

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Vineet Bhatia Personal Life

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Currently, Vineet’s marital status is married. His wife’s name is Rashima Bhatia. Rashima helps Vineet in managing and running his restaurants.

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Vineet Bhatia Social Media

What is the Updated Net Worth of Vineet Bhatia in 2021?

Vineet Bhatia, most of the income, comes from running various restaurants across different countries. Apart from this he also earns some money from Television shows and other media work.

The Updated Net Worth of Vineet Bhatia in 2021 is $10 Million which approximately equal to ₹70 Crores. Moreover, Vineet’s Net Worth has been increased by 30% over the past few years.

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